About the Course:

Shivaami Academy’s Cloud Fundamental Course provides a simple yet conceptual description of cloud computing and its platforms. The course is specially designed for absolute beginners. This course has no technical complicated explanations or definitions to remember. If a student excels to complete this course, he or she will be prepared to tackle complex technical concepts.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Become a well-trained Cloud Evangelist
  • Plan, design and build technical applications independently
  • Analyze the overall business requisites

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Topics covered under Cloud Fundamentals Course:

  • What is the cloud? An overview
  • Cloud Deployment Models and Cloud Service Models
  • On-Premises vs Cloud Computing and Cloud Benefits
  • Virtualization – Technology behind the cloud
  • Overview and Services of GCP, AWS, and Azure
  • Basic Private Cloud Server Setup
  • Hosting a website on Cloud Server

Why Shivaami Academy?

  • Learn from industry experts
  • Personal attention to the students
  • Instant clarification of doubts
  • Comprehensive study material
  • Gain practical experience
  • On-board job training
  • Student-centered learning environment

Duration of the course: 25 hours

Who should Opt for this Course?

Students preparing for Course on Cloud Fundamental and wish to become Cloud Architect, Cloud Engineer, Infrastructure Architect or Enterprise Solution Architect.

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